Partnering together to publicly sow the Word!

Partnering together to publicly sow the seed of God's Word by presenting compelling evidence and benefits for becoming a follower of Christ; and mobilizing every believer to fulfill their mission as the church to "make    disciples" through one of the best resources for personal evangelism.

A web site designed especially for you!

1. Encouraging Communities to passionately follow Christ through public advertisement.

2. Equipping Christians to personally share their faith through our evangelistic web site.

3. Enabling Christians/Churches to publicly proclaim the Word by sponsoring gospel ads.

.Reasons to Believe

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Making an eternal investment in souls by publicly sowing God's Word

You can donate online at: Canada Helps to Bus Stop Bible Studies or Why Jesus Media and help see lives and souls saved from abortion, suicide, addictions, unbelief and spiritual death.

You can also donate by cheque at the address below. Thank you for your donations and monthly support which is making an eternal investment in souls through the public sowing of God's Word within your community.

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Research shows that public advertisement provides 24/7 exposure, 85% impressions, largest audience, 93% retention & best results 

The most effective evangelism strategy is an integrated approach that utilizes the resources with the best results. Research shows that flash advertisement  is one of the most effective ways to get the gospel message out to our community.
Book a presentation for your church
                                                       10 minutes

First half: 6 minutes
1. History & Impact of ministry
2. Two minute promotional video
3. Biblical mandate & benefits for publicly sowing God's Word

Second half: 4 minutes
1. Ways to participate/partner: 3 sponsorship levels & 3 advertising platforms
2. Ministry tools that enhance personal evangelism
3. Research on effectiveness of public advertising in evangelism

To book a presentation for your church please contact us at: 
(416) 731-6120 or
Why Jesus Media is a division of Bus Stop Bible Studies
Reasons to Believe and Follow Christ 

R- Results shows greater benefits for the Christian faith.
E- Evidence is the strongest, especially the resurrection of Christ.
A- Assurance in Christ is superior to other religions/worldviews.
S- Science confirms cohesiveness of Christian worldview.
O- Objections about Christianity are easily debunked by experts.
N- Neurology shows better mental health in believers.
S- Studies show greater levels of purpose/fulfillment in believers.

Click here for resources on evidence and benefits for the Christian Faith.
The ABC's of Salvation 

A- Acknowledge that you are a sinner in need of a Saviour. Luke 5:32; Romans 3:23
B- Believe with your heart that Jesus died for you and rose to give you a new life in         himself. Romans 10:9b
C- Confess Christ publicly and openly as your Lord and Saviour through repentance       and confession. Matthew 18:3; Luke 13:3; Romans 10:9a,13
"Dear Jesus, I totally surrender myself to you and ask you to take control of my whole life. I repent of my sins and turn away from my ways to only follow you. I come to the end of myself and give my whole life to you. I truly believe you died in my place to take away my sins and I place my faith and trust in you alone. I believe you rose from the dead to give me new life 
Pray the Sinner's Prayer
and make me a new person in you. I publicly confess you as my Lord and Saviour and commit my whole life to following, loving and serving you. Thank you for saving me and setting me free from sin, self and Satan's deceptions. My life now belongs to you, so take control of me Lord Jesus! Amen!
Click here to check out the compelling evidence and benefits for the Christian faith and for becoming a follower of Christ.
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